Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Muslims, Ramadan and the Workplace – a Guide for HR

The Moslem holy calendar month of Ramadan gets adjacent week. Millions of people from Kingdom Of Morocco to Malaya will fast mundane from dawn to sundown for 30 days. Among these volition be important Numbers of Muslims workings in business offices in Europe and North United States where Ramadan steals past unnoticed. This deficiency of consciousness can and makes cause inconvenience, emphasis and sadness to practicing Muslims in the workplace. Kwintessential, a prima cross cultural communicating preparation provider, have released a free usher for employers with Moslem staff to assist them better understand the calendar month and what it intends to Islam's adherents.

Depending on the sighting of the moon, the Muslim human race will once again get their yearly exercising in Negro spiritual and physical cleaning through fasting and other spiritual exercisings next week. In states such as as Saudi Arabian Arabia, Islamic Republic Of Iran and Republic Of Indonesia where the bulk of the population will be fasting, the societal rhythm alterations to suit people's needs. Work may begin later owed to people praying late into the night, it will certainly complete earlier to let people to set up for iftar (breaking of the fast) and the general gait of life driblets down a couple of gears, especially for the of import last 10 nights.

However, in Europe and North United States the gait of life goes on as normal. Although many Muslims will be going through the same cogencies as people in Syrian Arab Republic or Singapore, Ramadan can be that small spot tougher. This is mainly down to the deficiency of cultural consciousness within concerns nowadays. Although people may cognize who a Moslem is they may not appreciate what a Moslem does. Unknowingness of facets of the faith such as as nutrient & drink, interaction between genders, moral obligations, supplications and vacations is widespread.

As a consequence there are always narratives of Muslims being invited to concern lunches, not being provided with clip or space to interrupt their fastings at sundown or expected to work on the Eid vacation followers Ramadan.

"We cognize of Muslims workings in arrangements that had no thought what Ramadan was and what it entails. Stories include counters being set up adjacent to someone's desk at work who was fasting, a director insisting on a Moslem co-worker attending a workings luncheon and adequate clip not being given at the clip to interrupt the fast to imbibe and eat properly," explicates Kwintessential's Managing Director, Neil Payne.

Respecting cultural diverseness in the workplace is simply best practice. If staff feel that they are being taken attention of and understood on a personal level, a concern will undergo greater retention, morale and ultimately productivity.

In order to supply concerns with entree to timely cultural cognition on Muslims, Islamism and the calendar month of Ramadan, Kwintessential have got released a free downloadable data file that offerings employers a summary of the chief issues. These include looking at what Ramadan is, what it intends to Muslims, the impact it have got on their day-to-day lives for a calendar month and how in bend this impacts their workings lives.

"The hereafter is culturally diverse and if we are all to have a successful future, then cultural consciousness is critical," adds Payne.

The invaluable usher is available at

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