Thursday, August 23, 2007

Office Aromas Cause A Stink

Recently, I received a telephone phone call from an excited co-worker inviting me to see his newly renovated business office decorated with imported Italian furnishings, state-of-the-art technology, and Parisian art. WOW, sounds posh!

Beaming with enthusiasm peering into the glass doors checking out the new digs, I could experience my olfactory organ pang and brow wrinkle. As I pulled the brushed chrome door handle, my human face paralyzed with a frown. Oh my goodness, it smelled like spicy, microwave salmon and Chinese Brassica oleracea italica amalgamated with Allium sativum sauce and cumin!

The pleasant, smiling receptionist greeted me inquiring, "Are you okay?" Attempting to pass over the make a human face from my face, I replied, "Good afternoon, make you smell that aroma?" She laughed saying she was used to it. Well, I'm not. Fishy olfactory properties don't do a winning first feeling in any office, not even a fish market.

There should be regulations for employees who dine in the office. Rancid olfactory properties are riotous to the workplace and cut down productivity. Employees complain, lose concentration, and go forth the business business business business office to get away the smell.

During a five-year workplace incivility survey conducted by Christine Pearson of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Kenan-Flagler Business School, more than than than one-half surveyed said they were distracted by ill-mannered behaviour at work and got less done while fuming or distressing about it…22% said they purposely discontinue doing their best work owed to incivility.

Food olfactory properties are portion of the etiquette crisis in the workplace but can be mitigated if employees are more aware of the harmful personal effects caused by aromas and employers effectively communicate, preferably in writing, an office dining courtesy policy.

While sitting in my colleague's picturesque office, I gave him five simple office dining courtesy tips to assist work out his olfactory property job and make a pleasant, comfortable, productive environment for employees and guests. The tips were posted immediately.

Office Dining Courtesy Tips:

• When feeding at your desk or in shared spaces, avoid nutrients with a strong pungent aroma and lingering olfactory properties that traveling throughout the office. Eat and dispose of your nutrient right away.

• Clean up after yourself. Wash your dishes and pass over microwave after usage. Remove nutrient from the icebox at the end of the week.

• Be sensitive to co-workers World Health Organization might be allergic or sensitive to scents. Perfume and Cologne should be subtle. Ask before spraying air fresheners, assortment or lathering with heavily scented lotions.

• Respect co-worker's place and inquire permission prior to taking or adoption points and never take person else's food from the refrigerator.

• Leave equipment in good status and unbend up shared areas. Restock supplies.

Be courteous and construct a healthy, stress-free work environment by treating others as you desire to be treated.

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