Monday, November 19, 2007

Nigeria: Dream Team Picks Needed Away Draw -

Nwakpa O. Nwakpa

The Samson Siasia led dreaming squad iv, yesterday held Ghanaian Meteors to a goalless pull in the important brand or March Olympic Games qualifier. The lucifer which took topographic point at the Ohene Djan bowl in Capital Of Republic Of Ghana was given much promotion and earnestness as each state vowed to win the encounter.

Nigeria played the lucifer to revenge their ejector from participating in the All African Games in Algerian Capital while Ghana played to consolidate on their earlier win against Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria on their manner to Algiers.

Nigeria player, Isaac Promise, had, in a pre-match interview said that Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria was all out to win the lucifer since the memory of the Capital Of Nigeria shame was still staring them at the face. Dream squad coach, Samson Siasia had expressed optimism that his boys, despite the absence of some participants will draw through, not minding the fact that his male children did not acquire all the motive required for such as a important match. On the other hand, Ghanaian participants were promised 4000 United States dollar should they overcome Nigeria.

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With this, Republic Of Ghana is out of Nigeria's manner as Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Federal Republic Of Nigeria confronts South Africa who will be playing invitee to Nigeria.In the games group, tagged the 'real' decease group, Burkina Faso and Equatorial Guinea all vied for the Peking 2008 ticket but lost to superior forces.

With this draw Nigeria have a great opportunity of grabbing the ticket should the U-23 squad licking South Africa in her last grouping match.

From the continent of Africa, three states are expected to do it to the Olympic Games games next twelvemonth in Peking China.

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