Friday, November 16, 2007

Lyris, Inc. Launches BidHero Campaign Management Solution

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Lyris, Inc., (OTCBB:LYRI.OB), formerly J.L. Halsey Corporation, today
announced the launch of BidHero, the new pay-per-click (PPC) political campaign
direction solution, that is portion of the company’s
newly released Lyris headquarters incorporate selling platform. Combined with
Lyris’ ClickTracks Web analytics solution,
BidHero supplies hunt sellers with an efficient, incorporate attack
to optimizing PPC political campaigns and ROI. A hosted software system application,
BidHero is Lyris’ reply to the increasingly
complex hunt engine space in which sellers must supervise multiple
campaigns, yet command outgoes as advertisement terms tramp upward. For more than information on BidHero, visit .

“Lyris’ missionary post is
to supply mid-sized mercantiles with a complete suite of tools they necessitate
to efficiently pull off and optimize all of their online selling efforts,”
said Luis Rivera, chief executive officer of Lyris, Inc. “BidHero
adds another dimension to our selling platform by helping our
clients to do the right keyword determinations at the presence end of their
hunt political campaigns and in-course corrections to guarantee better
click-through rates (CTR) and ROI.”

“Whether A hunt engine seller is managing
10 or 10,000 PPC campaigns, BidHero automatically importations all campaigns,
providing the client with a single interface so they can supervise
political political political campaigns across multiple hunt engines,”
said Dan Robbins, Lyris manager of selling for the ClickTracks and
BidHero solutions. “BidHero also includes
analytics for programme optimisation and contextual best patterns that
supply tips that aid sellers better their political campaign results.”

BidHero colour codifications information so the user can easily see which political political campaigns are
delivering the peak click-through rates and which campaigns necessitate
tuning up in footing of keywords and phrases. High click-through rates
typically give the director A less cost-per-click, a large advantage at a
clip when PPC costs are rising.

“Customers, through BidHero’s
Problem Political Campaign report, can easily detect where a low CTR or low
keyword Quality Mark may be having an impact on their cost-per-click
for a keyword or creative,” Jerome Robbins said, “and
inch some cases, leaving them vulnerable to being outbid by competitors. With BidHero you'll be able to take contiguous action, either by redaction
the creative, modifying the cost-per-click Oregon position, or disabling the
political campaign or keyword.”

Now that Google and Yahoo! have got imposed higher costs for keywords with
low relevance, keyword research is even more than critically important,
Jerome Robbins notes. To additional heighten keyword effectiveness, Lyris, Inc.
volition integrate Trellian’s popular
KeywordDiscovery tool into BidHero. The Trellian characteristic
will enable clients to research new keywords and happen the long
tail of those keywords appropriate for a peculiar campaign. BidHero
will go back the Trellian consequences with an option to buy, and with just
one click, the political campaign director can purchase that keyword on the spot.

Additional BidHero Features

Competitive Intelligence: BidHero will also incorporate Trellian’s
competitory intelligence tool to enable PPC political political campaign directors to
detect what keywords their rivals are using, and to see the
campaign timeframe and rankings of those keywords. They can place
their competitors’ major land site beginnings and
petition competitory intelligence on a sphere basis, via Trellian’s

PPC Outgo Control: BidHero enables directors to forestall
runaway commands by setting realistic day-to-day caps and charge per unit limits. They can
also additional control budgets by programming political campaigns to run on certain
years and certain modern times of the day.

Best Practices Advice: BidHero supplies in-context tips and best
patterns advice while you are designing your political campaign to assist do
political campaigns more effective.

Automatic Rifle Parameter Generation: BidHero automatically bring forths
and pulls off tracking parameters, ensuring you acquire the information you necessitate for
meaningful analysis. BidHero will also add on all finish URLs with
trailing parametric quantities to guarantee that each campaign, regardless of the manner
that it was configured, is trackable.

ClickTracks Integration: BidHero integrates with Lyris’
ClickTracks Web analytics tools to additional enable directors to estimate the
effectivity of PPC campaigns. Marketers can mensurate mean clip on
site, norm gross per visitor, page positions by visitant and accumulate
other metrical information points to offer more than penetrations into whether a political campaign
is running at extremum public presentation or whether it necessitates a keyword and
disbursement tuneup.

“Lyris supplies our clients with a 360
grade attack to political campaign direction and optimization,”
Jerome Robbins said. “Customers tin do the right
keyword and cost picks at the presence end of a campaign, do
rectifications as needful based on penetrations from information collected and
find what near vibrates with their mark audience, by using
Web analytics.”

BidHero is sold on a monthly per place licence footing through the Lyris headquarters
selling platform. Pricing starts at $199 per calendar month for one place and
direction of up to 1000 keywords for free. Additional keywords above
1000 are charged on a tiered basis. As a Lyris headquarters client, BidHero users
will also have got entree to other Lyris solutions including the EmailLabs
electronic mail selling tool, ClickTracks Web analytics, Hot Banana Web content
direction and EmailAdvisor, an electronic mail deliverability monitoring tool. For more than information, visit .

About Lyris, Inc.

Lyris, Inc., (OTCBB:LYRI.OB), formerly J.L. Halsey, is a prima
selling engineering company that supplies hosted and installed software system
solutions for sellers at mid-size businesses. The company offerings
sellers an incorporate engineering platform through its Lyris headquarters merchandise
and point solutions including ListManager, EmailLabs, ClickTracks,
BidHero, Sparklist, Hot Banana and EmailAdvisor. These sophisticated,
yet easy-to-use tools supply sellers a suite of best-of-breed
applications for managing electronic mail selling campaigns, publication and
managing Web land site content, creating landing pages, optimizing Web land sites
and managing pay-per-click campaigns. Clients include Nokia, Adobe,
PalmSource, Jasper Johns Mark Hopkins University and Jupitermedia. For more than
information, delight visit ,
, ,
and . The
company is based in Emeryville, Calif.

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